Editing: Telling the story of Urbandale Corporation

My role in creating the corporate history of Urbandale Corporation was small but rewarding. The real heavy lifting was done by my colleague and All Things Home business partner, Patrick Langston.

Patrick was commissioned by Urbandale to write the book, which combines research and many hours interviewing company founder Lyon Sachs and others, and then presenting it in Lyon’s voice.

While I primarily did the copy edit on the book, Patrick appreciated being able to consult with me to bounce around ideas for structure, presentation, how to deal with hurdles and more. And, for me, taking that deep dive into the history of one of Ottawa’s city builders was a pleasure. Kudos to Patrick on a job well done.

Anita Murray is a veteran journalist with 25+ years of experience in the communications realm. She is owner of Three C Communications and co-founder of All Things Home Inc.